About Attila Press

Attila Press is no more than my tribute to individuality. On my authors website, I referred to it as a flying kiss at the wind, but my flying kiss at the wind. Make no mistake, this is what the website unapologetically is. But it’s not only that, it is also a belief in myself as a credible author, and a belief in society’s ability to reflect upon itself—things to say—things worth saying—things worth reading. It is also a reaction to what it takes now to functionally interact with a publisher—and the formidable stricture that comes with the process. To be fair, it is a shortcut. I’ll leave it to the reader to decide if the shortcut is warranted.

What is Attila Press.com?

Attila press was created to serve a number of functions: the first is as an outlet for my literary fiction both books and short stories. Short stories. While my books are noted on the site, complete short stories are periodically placed on the website. While the short stories have no direct connection to the book storyline, they give the reader some insight into the mind of the author.

It also serves as a Blog. In the section Nostradamus on the Corner, I give free flight to social ideas, solutions, and commentary that affects our social, intellectual and cultural, milieu, and invite comments and ideas of others. It’s shouting to the wilderness. I freely admit to a progressive position of on politics, art & literature, and social issues. Right-wingers won’t like me, my books, or the blog, but all views are welcome.

Writer’s perspective, provides information to other aspiring new writers of any age. Writing for me came as a second career, after a life as an academic, as such I am aware of the pitfall of an inchoate writer in their Fall and Winter years. I feel I may provide, if not valuable information, at least perspective to those who chose a path similar to mine later in life. But again anyone, of any age, is welcome.

Periodically, I address certain perspectives I’ve gained in my 12 years or so, as an aspiring student of writing, and encourage queries. 

Contact. If any of these things interest you I can be contacted at jamey@attilapress.com.